7 Tips for Arranging Home Lighting for a Nice and Warm Residential

Check out tips for home lighting so that your home looks warmer, more comfortable, and of course still stylish! In addition to interior and wall paint, apparently the arrangement of light in the house is also very important. Even though the house is as luxurious as anything, but if the lighting arrangement is bad, then the house will look unattractive. Not only that, but the lighting also affects your activities while at home.

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Therefore, you should be smart to adjust the lighting in each room. If you are looking for lamps with high quality and attractive designs, you can order them on the Flos. What are the arrangements for good home lighting? Here are the tips!

Recognize the type of lamp

Before buying a lamp, make sure you first recognize the type of lamp sold on the market. There are several types of lights that are commonly found every day. For example, incandescent lamps. This type of lamp is usually used for rooms that do not require high light intensity such as bathrooms and warehouses. However, incandescent lamps often leave black marks on the walls.

Next up is the LED light. This lamp is arguably the most durable and far more energy-efficient than the incandescent lamps. This lamp also produces almost no heat and is more comfortable to use. Another type of lamp is a TL lamp, also known as a neon lamp. In terms of quality, fluorescent lamps are far above incandescent lamps and are slightly below LED lights.

Adjust the function

Tips for arranging the next home lighting is to adjust the work function. In addition to the type of lamp, you must also adjust the lamp to the function that will be placed in the room of the house. For example, if you want to get strong lighting for the whole room, then use general lighting that can accommodate light in a room with an area.

Furthermore, if you want to install lights in the workspace or reading room, buy task lighting that is made based on special purposes. Meanwhile, if you only want to have lights that are attractive to the room, decorative lighting can be used as an alternative choice.

Determine the Color Rendering

Color Rendering is a unit of light used to describe the ability of an artificial light source to display the color of an object or objects. The unit that is often used is Kelvin (K). The higher the unit number K, the whiter the color of the light emitted. So even better, the lower the number K, the reddish-yellow the color of the light.

Color rendering is also useful in determining which lamps will be used in the room. If the room to relax, then use the yellow lights to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. When applied to the workspace, choose white lights to give a serious and stiff impression.

Light Intensity

The intensity of the lamp determines whether or not home lighting. This is because the size of the lamp’s power consumption will greatly determine the amount or intensity of light that can be produced by a lamp. Such a bright atmosphere resulting from the intensity of the received light is greatly influenced by the distance factor between the light source and the surface of the object that it illuminates. This also applies if the distance of the object to the position of the lamp is in a far position.

Accompany with Window

Home lighting does not only come from lights but also natural light that comes directly from outside. Sunlight can add a warm effect to the interior of the house without having to do much. In addition, the natural light of the sun feels more natural, making the house seem more spacious and spacious. Therefore, for some rooms that need bright enough light, make sure you build enough windows. Besides being able to help organize the room, this will also help save your electricity expenses.

Adjust the Room

Some rooms have different functions, so different lighting is needed later. As an example arrangement of light in the family room should be equipped with various types of lights because you and other family members do a lot of activities there.

Another case with the intensity of light used in the kitchen. It’s better to use a brighter light than the family room because the kitchen is your place to do cooking activities that require your own precision.

The lighting arrangement in the room also depends on the color of the room. The darker the color of the wall, the more light is absorbed by the wall. This results in the room getting darker, and you need more power.

Adjust the House Concept

The final step in tips on managing home lighting is really easy, which is adjusting the design of the house. If we have previously talked about the function and color of the room, now you have to know which lamps are suitable for the concept of the house. For a minimalist home, lights that are usually used are white, while for vintage, retro, and other designs, you can combine yellow lights to make it warmer.

Easy, right?