Balancing Positive and Negative Areas in the Room with the Use of Carpets

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Getting a balance visually is one of the main goals of stylists and interior designers.

In interior design there are known terms of positive space and negative space. Visually balancing the two is something that must be done.

Quoted from home synchronize, according to Karla J, in “Interiors: An Introduction”: “Positive space is a space filled with color, texture, shape, or mass. Walls, furniture, artwork, carpets, or in the form of graphics or scenes painted on the walls. While negative space / area is empty space around positive space. Windows between walls, floors around carpet areas, walls around and between works of art, empty spaces between furniture, or even cubic footprints “(Interiors: An Introduction / Karla J. Nielson, David A. Taylor. 4th edition ).

The existence of a positive area or area must produce a negative area or space. However, this does not mean that the negative space produced will have a negative effect on interior design results. As the Old word (home synchronize), by balancing both, positive space and negative space will have an attachment and intertwined with each other.

Carpet is one of the decorations to juggle a room into an aesthetic value and can easily increase comfort. The atmosphere resulting from the use of this carpet will be seen by balancing positive and negative spaces.

Getting a balance visually is one of the main goals of stylists and interior designers

For example, interior designers or stylists will avoid using large-sized rugs to get a more spacious atmosphere in the room.

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As shown in the picture, visual balance is seen even though the negative area is larger or wider than the positive area. By exposing the floor area (negative space), the room seems more spacious.

The stylists and interior designers do not have a standard reference in managing the room, especially the use of carpets. Please adjust yourself and get a comfortable and attractive atmosphere with the arrangement of the carpet according to your wishes and needs. What is important and must be considered is that the visual balance between positive space and negative space must be maintained, so as not to make the room look messy.